I hadn’t had a migraine for about a year. But today was different.

This and last week, I have fallen behind on my work schedule. No idea why, maybe I’m just burned out and need to recharge. But falling behind makes the burn-out even worse. Stress piles up, and I can’t sleep very well.

So today I had my first migraine headache in a year. I did not like it, you know.

These episodes are never easy for me. First, my vision starts to flicker in my left eye. I can’t see very well with my right eye, so that makes it practically impossible to work, push pixels, find that typo.

An our later, usually, the headache crashes in. I would rather bang my head against a wall than feel that pain again. Sometimes that headache does not go away for a day.

But today was easier.

I had just gotten to the office. I managed my way through the morning and lunch, but after that I just couldn’t. So I crashed our lovely couch in the basement, slept for a few hours, and I was okay again. My head still hurt, but it was bearable.

No medication.

Also, I really want a dog.