The Bear

Published on by mihkel

Today I binge-watched The Bear on Disney+. I think I saw the series card when browsing there a while back, but then it didn’t catch my attention. Some time ago a review of the show in The Guardian popped in my feeds, and there were some interesting notes there that caught my attention.

The Bear is about a talented chef, who has to go back to his family’s sandwich shop after his brother’s death. He has to take the reins and figure out the restaurant’s messy history, employees and books. It’s part dysfunctional family drama, part workplace drama, part crime drama, part kitchen & food drama - basically all of the things I can like about a show - so of course I enjoyed it! I guess the food nerd in me would have liked a bit more focus on the cuisine, but overall it’s still a top notch show to watch.

Only 8 episodes in the first season, each episode about half an hour long, so it also does not take up too much of anyone’s time. A second season is already confirmed, due sometime next year.

Yes, chef!