A record of some of the things that resonate with me on the internet, and why.

  • ⤳ Craig Mod: Electric Bike, Stupid Love of My Life

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    A bike lover myself, I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on an electric bike. I want one now.

    And on and on — bikes. Why? Because as any bike lover will tell you, to be ensorcelled by the bike is to crave one and only one thing: More bike. Each new bike is like riding once again for the first time. Exploring a city on a mamachari is different than a BD-1 is different than a Moulton. All thrilling. The bikes change, and so, too does your relationship to the pavement. My love for bikes has no categorical allegiances; if it has two wheels, and pedals, I’m interested. I want to ride them all.

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  • ⤳ Dave Rupert: Twenty Twenty Two

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    An excellent write-up of how his year went. Something that inspired me to do my own write-up.

    I especially like the mental health section and the description of how his brain works:

    The best way I can describe my brain is as a boat with a sensitive rudder. Any thought or suggestion (internal or external) nudges the rudder in a different direction. It’s not uncorrectable, but it does divert course. Whatever I can do to lessen the nudges, the better. This all sounds negative but there’s a lot of positives that come with having a brain like this, as others know. You may forget to eat and show up 10 minutes late to an important meeting because reading a wikipedia article on whale songs took precedence, but I wouldn’t trade it for a neurotypical brain.

    It’s nice to recognize oneself in something others write about themselves. I’m not alone in this world.

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  • ⤳ Jack Cheng - Sunday #379: Back to School

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    This quote that he submitted to the Building Beauty course is very inspirational to me, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately - why I like the things that I like, and how to make stuff like that myself:

    To hone my sense of beauty and deep time. To learn, in community, slower and more sustainable ways of building and making. To create spaces — both real and in my writing — that spark the soul.

    Additionally from there, the founding principles of Building Beauty are also very well written as a general life advice to follow.

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