Naming things

Published on by mihkel

As you might (or might not, really) know, naming things is quite hard! It is, however, quite a big part of my job - as an engineer whose sole job is to create components and APIs for others, it’s paramount that whatever I produce is named well. However, different people can understand the same word in a bunch of different ways. For examples, I recommend reading Adrian Roselli’s excellent posts “Stop Using ‘Drop-down’” and “Stop Using ‘Pop-up’”. That’s basically what I deal with - all day, every day.

Anyway, why we’re here today! Five months later, I haven’t really started to publish anything here. Not that I haven’t wanted to - and trust me, I’ve tried to write a couple of posts. To me, the term “blog” feels very serious and official. Like, if I put content on my blog, it must be good and well written and long enough and… yada yada yada. Most of the time when I do want to write something, I want to just post some simple thoughts. A random sentene or two here or there. This is why I today renamed this section of my very important personal website from “Blog” to “Thoughts”. Maybe this will get me to write more, and post more. Will see. If not, I will think of something else. One down!